Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!I can hardly believe it is already 2014, and since it's January, that means it's also time for another currently. Oh how I've missed these!

Listening... I only live a couple blocks away from the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade, and yet I've never seen either live.  And I'm OK with that. I like watching the Rose Parade from the comfort of my own couch, in my jammies. :)  Though, our whole neighborhood always goes outside in time to see the jets fly over. 

Loving... Winter Break!  Oh, the heavenly joy of sleeping in each morning, not putting makeup on, using the restroom whenever I want!  I may or may not be on my fifth book since school let out, as well...

Thinking... With school starting back up on Monday, I've been thinking about all of the units to be taught this month. Weather, MLK, informative writing, skip counting... TPT and pinterest are my friends. 

Wanting... I LOVE to cook and am looking forward to using a day or two of my time off to restock the freezer with lots of meals for the next month or two. Quick lunch ideas to take to work, ready to cook dinners... Gotta do it while I have time.

Needing... Speaking of prepping units. Is there a fairy out there that cuts out lamination?

Christmas Tradition... Our tradition is simple. Be with family.  Eat good food. We always make a big Christmas Eve dinner with ham,veggies, yams, dutch apple pie, the works.  Christmas morning means Belgian waffle brunch. Yum, yum!

Thanks for stopping by!