Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jumping on the Instagram Bandwagon

So, I've had an instagram account for a little while now.  And I've seldom used it. As in, I have  whomping 3, yes, THREE pictures on there.  And one of them was taken today. Yay me!

Perhaps what I needed was a little motivation.

Enter Teacher Talk Tuesday.

Is it bad that I'm a little excited about this?!

Just in case you actually want to follow me (I know, yet another thing to follow), I'm iedibiedi on instagram. 

And now I'm off to go check out the thousands of photos posted today. :)

Maybe hashtags will make sense now... (and when did they become "hastags?" Aren't they pound signs?!)

Oh, I'm totally going to try this little challenge, as well, from Clutter-Free Classroom.  Maybe this will help me get into the habit of having my camera at the ready in my classroom.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Retro Sketch & A Cocktail Party

Good afternoon!

I loved this week's Retro Sketch and immediately thought it would make a great monochromatic card with a single pop of color.  I sat down with my Smokey Shadow pattern pack and got to work mixing dps.

I used the gorgeous flower from Natural Beauties to create the pop of color.  This could quickly become my new favorite stamp. I love the dimension that is created with the multi-step stamping!  So fun!  A little bow, button, twine combo finished up the pop of color.  Sweet, simple, and done in under 30 minutes. Yay!

My day of nothingness yesterday was wonderful.  After lunch, the roomie and I decided to venture over to the movie theater to catch a showing of "Oblivion."  I love me a good sci-fi movie, but this one was extra special because it was partially filmed in my hometown; across the street from my house!  And I was there when they filmed last July.  My mom and I even took a little walk down to the set.  Remember this photo? That big tent on the left is blocking the cabin set and the pond.

I may have let out a few cheers and squeals and claps every time my mountains came onto the big screen. And I pointed out to the roomie exactly where my house was. So, so fun! I attempted to snap a picture of the film crew with our town's name, but I forgot to turn the flash off and got a great picture of the back of the row of seats in front of me... Grrr... But I did manage to get the camera squared away by the time the thank yous came round. Go Double Eagle Resort and Mono County!

The moment we stepped out of the theater a text came from my sister,  whom happens to be in town for the weekend, inviting me to a formal cocktail party fundraiser for leukemia research being held at my brother-in-law's new studio.  Cocktail parties, open bars, dancing... Not really my scene.  A last minute cocktail dress? Now, that I have. :)

I'm so glad that I went!  We were so lucky to spend a big chunk of the night visiting with each other around introductions to various producers and friends.  It made for a late night, but I whole-heartedly am glad that I went a little out of my comfort zone to support a great cause, and more importantly, support and visit with my amazing sister.

 We grabbed some lunch together this afternoon, which was also wonderful. I'm feeling truly spoiled that I got to visit with her for so long on this "business trip" to So Cal.  Next, to plan a trip north to Oregon (sister and bf), Seattle (Beth), and BC (hi, Marisa!) for this July/August.  I'm so blessed!

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Stamps- PTI: Natural Beauties, Inside & Out: Thank You
Ink- Cameo Coral, Rose Red, Ruby Red, Basic Gray
Paper- Smokey Shadow Pattern Pack, Soft Stone, Smokey Shadow
Accessories- button, twine, flag die, dimensionals

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deconstructed Sketch

Good afternoon! I gloriously have found myself a day with absolutely nothing planned. This girl is in HEAVEN!

I slept it, read a few chapters in my book, showered, made breakfast, made a card, started some laundry... and am working up the energy to go grocery shopping. Which I desperately need to do.  As in, the fridge and freezer are empty.  I literally have nothing to cook.  It's sad, really.

But, back to the card.  I decided it was high time to get some crafting done.  This week's Deconstructed Sketch sang to me and I decided to follow where the inspiration led. :)

I pulled out the cutest little pieces of fruit ever from Taylored Expressions, some copic markers (coloring felt sooo good  this morning!), and got busy.

I'm off to do a whole lot more of nothing.  And maybe go grocery shopping.


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Stamps- TE: Fruity Friends, MFT: Sassy Sayings
Ink- Memento Tuxedo Black
Paper- Kraft, Whisper White, Tangerine Tango, MME Lime Twist- Life of the Party dp
Accessories- embossing folder, baker's twine, dimensionals, nestabilities, copic markers cloud border die

Friday, April 26, 2013

Five For Friday

TGIF!  This week flew by, and yet it felt absolutely insane. I am most definitely one tired teacher.  We're in that insane wonderful run to Open House (T-minus 26 days and counting!) where I work the kids like a slave driver crazy person.  We're writing, crafting, creating, studying, observing.... It's crazy in my room right now!


1. Firstly, to go along with the new car, I treated myself to a new iPod nano.  I haven't purchased an iPod since my first generation way back in 2002!  My, how times have changed. This thing is TINY! And it's Bluetooth capable... Which means I literally just set it in my car and it starts playing through my sound system. No wires or connections need. Not to mention that is has more memory that my much larger iPod. Technology is tripping me out!

2. We are celebrating Teach Appreciation Day a wee bit early at my school. The 2nd-5th graders have state testing for the next two weeks, so as not to disturb their learning environment, we had the festivities this week!  We were spoiled rotten with treats in the lounge (mostly breakfast items, fruit, and drinks) each morning, treated to a PTA lunch on Thursday, and the kids all brought in flowers on Tuesday! So much fun!  Every time I walk by my desk it smells INCREDIBLE!

3. I may or may not have read a book in one day.  And that may or may not have involved staying up  until 1 a.m. on a school night... I may be paying for it today. I have a problem.  Hi. My name is Kristina and I am addicted to books. I love, love, love to read.  My book club is currently re-reading "The Great Gatsby" in preparation for the movie's release next month.  I snuck in a tiny little break to read the sequel to a fun young adult novel that I read about a year ago. I'm a sucker for a princess love story. :)

4. I survived our first field trip of the year to the LA Zoo.  And I only wanted to kill, physically harm, end one student's field trip. Not a bad day!  I most definitely crashed afterward immediately upon sitting on my couch.  Why is it that field trips just suck all the energy out of us?

 5. The details for my June trip to England are nearly complete! Everything is booked, reserved, tickets are purchased, itinerary is getting locked into place. So excited!  51 days until takeoff!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five For Friday

Good evening! It's finally Friday and I am finally linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday linky. It's been quite a week at home and at work!

1.  My friend Beth came back down to So Cal AGAIN for a long visit. I'm feeling awful spoiled getting to have her around all the time. I may go through withdrawals when she leaves this afternoon.  But, as one last hurrah, she and my roommate brought me lunch at work today.  And not just any lunch.... Yum!!

2.  We're in the thick of studying about animals, life cycles, teeth, habitats, etc in science right now.  Therefore, these little guys finally made their grand appearance in our classroom. Meet Kris and Lesa (named by the kiddos).  We always do a raffle-type selection for names. Each student gets to pick one name, writes it down, and puts it in my "magic bag." I then draw two names.  I have to admit that I sometimes rig it...  I know. Shame on me.  But "Golden Ninja Lego?"  You would rig it, too.  (Though, I was really cheering for Lloyd this year. I had about four kids write that one down, and gosh darn it, I didn't draw it!).

3.  We also had our room decked out with caution tape all week long in honor of Robber Y.  I saw the idea year or two ago for this poster and made one up for myself last year. It was so fun to pull it out again this year and see all of the excitement on my kiddos' faces for the letter y. Who knew phonics could be so fun?!
We sorted, wrote words, read words, graphed which we found more throughout the week, tree mapped...  Beth and my roomie absolutely plastered my room with caution tape late last week and the kids were in awe all week long of our crime scene... And the little easter egg pieces of caution tape hidden all over the room. Notice the subtle little bow on our clay frogs?

 4.  I am not usually one to watch the dating shows that always flood the TV. But I have been watching this one!  One of my friends from high school is on the show as one of Tim's girls (from the Plain White T's). Go Sara! I'm pretty sure that's her third from the right. :)


5. Last, but my favorite event of the week, by far, my new car FINALLY arrived! Yay!  I got myself this gorgeous little ride back in February, but had to wait for her to be built. Meet Lunar 1, as she has affectionately been named.  She's so much fun to drive!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Holy smokes, it's April!  I swear it was just January.  Every year I claim the year is flying by, but this year, it really is!

On to this month's Currently!

Thank you Broadway station on Pandora for granting me hours of singing out loud entertainment. :)

IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!  Sleeping in on a Monday morning may have been a slight taste of Heaven.  Though, my body still woke itself up at 6:30, I yelled at it and forced it to obey and slept for another couple hours.

I'm heading to Seattle tomorrow to visit an amazing friend of mine. She's an army nurse and is currently station in Olympia.  We're going to hang out for a few days and then drive back down to So Cal together over the weekend.  My boarding pass is officially printed. Now to go pack... Good times!

We actually had a gloomy, rainy Easter Sunday and the clouds decided to stick around for an extra day. This girl is in HEAVEN!  Spring allergy relief!  Slippers!  Electric blanket!  I wish the weather was like this all spring and summer long. I live in the wrong part of the state.

June. Not only summer break, but I'm going to England for 15 days! YAY!  My mom and I are heading across the pond to explore Bath, Cornwall, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, London, and riding the tube through the English Channel for a day-trip to Paris. So excited! 77 days to go!

I got a call from the dealer this morning with an update on my new car (2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid).  He couldn't give me an exact delivery date, but said it would be soon!  Definitely this month. But I could have told him that, lol.  It's been 6 weeks since it was ordered!

As for blogging, I've been doing that for a while (though the last month earns me the worst blogger in the world award), my best advice is to just jump in.  It's definitely a learn-as-you-go job.  But it's easy to do. And fun! And the friends made are incredible.

All right. Off to go attempt to pack.  Yeah, right. It's vacation. I'll pack tonight, lol!

Thanks for stopping by!