Monday, April 1, 2013


Holy smokes, it's April!  I swear it was just January.  Every year I claim the year is flying by, but this year, it really is!

On to this month's Currently!

Thank you Broadway station on Pandora for granting me hours of singing out loud entertainment. :)

IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!  Sleeping in on a Monday morning may have been a slight taste of Heaven.  Though, my body still woke itself up at 6:30, I yelled at it and forced it to obey and slept for another couple hours.

I'm heading to Seattle tomorrow to visit an amazing friend of mine. She's an army nurse and is currently station in Olympia.  We're going to hang out for a few days and then drive back down to So Cal together over the weekend.  My boarding pass is officially printed. Now to go pack... Good times!

We actually had a gloomy, rainy Easter Sunday and the clouds decided to stick around for an extra day. This girl is in HEAVEN!  Spring allergy relief!  Slippers!  Electric blanket!  I wish the weather was like this all spring and summer long. I live in the wrong part of the state.

June. Not only summer break, but I'm going to England for 15 days! YAY!  My mom and I are heading across the pond to explore Bath, Cornwall, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, London, and riding the tube through the English Channel for a day-trip to Paris. So excited! 77 days to go!

I got a call from the dealer this morning with an update on my new car (2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid).  He couldn't give me an exact delivery date, but said it would be soon!  Definitely this month. But I could have told him that, lol.  It's been 6 weeks since it was ordered!

As for blogging, I've been doing that for a while (though the last month earns me the worst blogger in the world award), my best advice is to just jump in.  It's definitely a learn-as-you-go job.  But it's easy to do. And fun! And the friends made are incredible.

All right. Off to go attempt to pack.  Yeah, right. It's vacation. I'll pack tonight, lol!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Going to England is definitely a dream of mine! I am so jealous! Have a wonderful time in Seattle! So glad to find you through Currently!

  2. Enjoy your Spring Break and travel safely!

  3. Oh my goodness,Kristina! I was just driving behind a white Ford Fusion Hybrid today and thought to myself that it was a beautiful looking car. Enjoy every moment you spend in it! I hope your trip to Seattle is great! Happy Spring Break!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  4. So close and yet so far!!! I'll be waving to you from across the border. Have a great time with your friend. If you do stay in Seattle and like seafood, you HAVE to have food at Ivar's - best seafood around! The fish and chips with cod is to die for! Enjoy your break and way to tell you body to go back to sleep :)

  5. Dag nab it! We are adorable!