Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jumping on the Instagram Bandwagon

So, I've had an instagram account for a little while now.  And I've seldom used it. As in, I have  whomping 3, yes, THREE pictures on there.  And one of them was taken today. Yay me!

Perhaps what I needed was a little motivation.

Enter Teacher Talk Tuesday.

Is it bad that I'm a little excited about this?!

Just in case you actually want to follow me (I know, yet another thing to follow), I'm iedibiedi on instagram. 

And now I'm off to go check out the thousands of photos posted today. :)

Maybe hashtags will make sense now... (and when did they become "hastags?" Aren't they pound signs?!)

Oh, I'm totally going to try this little challenge, as well, from Clutter-Free Classroom.  Maybe this will help me get into the habit of having my camera at the ready in my classroom.

Thanks for stopping by!

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