Sunday, May 4, 2014


Pigs may be flying. I'm posting for the first time in For.Ev.Er. here on the blog. It's been one of those years, all.  One of those years where you hold on for dear life every minute of the school day.  And then you collapse and take a nap when you get home.  There is no functioning after dark.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And this has been a true test of my character and I have to come to see just how much my staff has my back in tough situations.  I've had to learn to accept that along with teaching my kiddos, my purpose this year may be simply to help out a few special friends and get them where they need to go and/or receive the additional support that they desperately need that I cannot provide by myself.

But, onto this month's Currently.... a few days late.

Oh how I heart this album.  It was constantly playing on my CD player in late HS and early college and remains a favorite to this day.

Fractions. Who knew fractions could be so much fun?!  Pizza, pompoms, names, numbers... I can't wait to dive head first into teaching fractions! I loved teaching them to my second graders years ago, and Common Core is bringing them down to my firsties starting this year.  I am dreaming of all the amazing, fun, creative projects we can do to help us conquer beginning fractions!

27 days. Enough said.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Possible life changes in the works here. Keep me in  your prayers!

You know how spring is. Raining one day.  Scorching hot the next.  All I'm asking is to go back to the rain.  And the cool air.  People, it's been 95F+ here for the last week.  I'M NOT READY FOR THIS! Although,  I have enjoyed wearing dresses to work again. :)

Two blogs have become a staple for me over the last few years. Seriously, these ladies are AMAZING!  Their products are high quality, and they have made my kiddos so excited about learning!  Thank you!

Sour Apple Studio

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