Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday

So glad that Five for Friday is back!  I haven't started back to school yet, so this is a bit of piece-meal, end-of-summer- mixture of events from the week.

1. Last Friday found me in Oregon visiting with my bf and 4-month old niece! Isn't she the cutest?! I had the pleasure of babysitting her for a whole day, and shortly after this picture was taken, snuggled with her until she fell asleep in my arms. So smitten!

2.  I went in on Tuesday to help my roomie out with her new classroom!  She was just hired as a band teacher at a nearby private school. So excited for her! After the many, MANY hours she has selflessly volunteered and helped in my classroom, it was the least I could do.

3. My new tumbler came today! So excited!  I think it's my new favorite cup.

4. This happened this morning. Ugh.  Allergy scratch test. 61 of those needles scratched my back and I have the hives and welts to prove it. So itchy!!!  But the good news was that there were no huge surprises. My last allergy test was about 7 years ago and not much has changed since then, though some thing were worse this round. Immunotherapy starting sometime next week. Yay?

5.  I finally get the keys to my new classroom on Monday!  I called yesterday and they were officially moving all of my boxes from the old room to the new.  With only seven work days until school starts, I think I know where I am going to be living all next week...

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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Holy moly. It's August.

Don't know how that happened.  Wasn't the last day of school last week?

The countdown is officially on. I still have about 2 1/2 weeks before school starts, so the panic isn't completely setting in yet. But I sure am aware of exactly how many days are left before the kids arrive.

I'm so excited to be playing along with Farley again this month for August's Currently! I figured a few days late was better than not playing along at all. :)

Wanting... Mr. Mailman and Mrs. Condren to work together and get my new Bentley of a lesson plan book delivered! I'm SO excited about my splurge purchase for this school year.  I usually just use Lakeshore's free plan book, which has been wonderful. I think it's been my go-to for the last 10 years.  And then they CHANGED them this year! 

What is with THAT?  As a teacher supply store, aren't they aware of how much teachers hate, dread, abhor change?!  Their gorgeous horizontal layout with tons of room to write is now vertical with little tiny boxes. And no room for notes. I was so inconsolably upset after my annual Lakeshore visit. I didn't know what to do with myself! How was I going to lesson plan?!  Erin Condren to the rescue! 

Isn't it purdy?! Of course, it will have my name and not the random sample name. It should be here in about 8 more days!

Needing... To get into my classroom!  I'm moving rooms this year, which is always a pain, but I keep telling myself that this is for the best. I'm moving to a much bigger classroom that actually has storage! My old room didn't have any counters, no cabinets... It made storing things away a huge pain in the rear.  Just envision tubs upon tubs stacked in the corners storing art supplies, science, manipulatives... Yeah, it wasn't pretty.  But I made due for three years.

Now I'm moving! Yay!  But my school takes our keys from us in June.  Meaning, there is no work allowed to be done on campus until the office opens back up in mid-August.  MID-AUGUST! AH!  Back in June, my principal was guessing I might be able to get in there around the 9th.  Not too bad.  But of course, that is if the currently occupying teacher has finished moving out.  

Maybe this is where the stress and panic begins...

BTS Must Haves...
1. Mr. Sketch Markers. I finally grabbed my first box last year.  I can't believe it took me 8 years of teach to discover the brilliance of these amazing markers! Smelly. Bold. Colorful.  My anchor charts were my best anchor charts EVER!  I'm definitely restocking this item yearly!

2.  The first day of school just brings out the kid in me. Having a great, brand-new, first day of school outfit is a must!  First impressions are everything! ;)

3. I used Abby's Fun with Firsties pack for the first time last year, as well, and absolutely had a blast!  From Jitter Juice, to the surveys, to the stories... So much fun!  AND she recently updated it!

Now I need to wrap my mind around the fact that the next Currently will take place two weeks into the school year. Ugh...

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