Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Featured Stamper

Good morning! I have the huge honor today of being April's featured stamper over on Susie Berker's Blog- Sharing What I Love. She contacted me about one month ago, and I immediately said yes! Do make sure to stop by her blog, leave a little love, and check all of Sue's amazing creations (serious talent alert!). She also features a guest stamper on the 7th of each month, and I've had a blast cruising back to January to check out each one!

And on a completely random note, I went to Disneyland yesterday to meet up with a whole slough of friends (everything from past co-workers, to roommates, to college friends, cousins, and other friends). I think the whole world was at Disneyland yesterday! Anywho, while there, we ran into this person.... Anyone recognize him? hehe. We were just slightly star struck. Especially Janice, on the left, whom admitted having a secret "puppy" love for him. "He was Joseph!" she exclaimed. So fun!


  1. Congrats on the GD spot, Kristina. Saw your comment on Maureen's blog and was dying to find out what your secret was LOL!

    Can't believe you ran into Donny!! I just LOVED him in Joseph!! He was beyond amazing to watch and hear as he performed.

    He is also the winner of last season's Dancing With The Stars! How cool you got a picture with him!!

    Looks like you are enjoying your Spring Break :D

  2. ACK!!!!! Donny!!! I had a barbie doll of him and Marie when I was little!! LOL I have a high school friend who is still in love with him and wore a purple dress to his show in Vegas!!! What fun!! Congrats on the Featured Designer...yay!! Going over there now to check it out :) Have fun!!

  3. OHHHH MY, IS THAT DONNY? AND JUST LOOK HOW CLOSE YOU ARE TO HIM MS. B. We were there the same day but obviously in a different section of the park.... (and they called it PUPPY LOVE...)
    Ohhh my, I just died and went to heaven. Someone I know touched HIM!
    You saw HIM!
    Don't wash your hands until I see you on Tuesday, ok?