Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting the Town Red

Good evening! It has been an absolute whirlwind weekend, and I am completely devoid of any energy.... Bed is sounding better and better and it's only 6:30. The roommate reunion went amazingly and we all had a blast... And not much sleep. :)

I alluded to a big surprise for Heather a few days ago... Well, it was that our fifth college roommate was flying in from Pittsburgh to join us for the weekend! There were five of us girls that lived together during college and truly became those lifelong friends. This was the first time we have all been together since our roommate Janice's wedding 5 1/2 years ago! Crazy! But it was so wonderful to just pick up right where we had left off. My cheeks are rather tired as well!

We picked up Alesha from the airport on Friday afternoon and headed straight down to Anaheim to meet Heather and her fiancee, Josh. A quick walk through Downtown Disney to kill some time for dinner, a pretzel to ebb the hunger, and then it was off to dinner at PF Chang's. We stuffed ourselves silly!

Heather is a massive Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf fan, so our next stop was a coffee run. Then, it was back to the hotel, ditching the boys, and lavishing Heather with some lingerie for her upcoming wedding. That was followed by hours of talking, catching up, and sharing our lives with each other once more. I spent the night in the hotel with Heather, which resulted in a few more hours of talking and getting very little sleep... But it was so worth it!

The following morning, we met up with everyone again, plus all the rest of our college gang of friends, to go to Disneyland for the day. I am so incredibly blessed to have these people in my life, and to have a weekend just like the old days, was such a gift. These moments come so few and far between now that we're all getting married and spread across the country, literally. And it was wonderful to spend time with and get to know a little bit more the newest addition to our quasi family: Josh.

We dropped Alesha back off at the airport this afternoon, and now Amy and I are back home, utterly spent, but thoroughly content. Have I mentioned that I have an early bed time this evening?!

So today I simply have a few pictures to share with you. Cards will come in the next day or two depending on how many nights it takes to catch up with my sleep, lol.

The college gang. Back together again!
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  1. Loved reading about your weekend. Glad it was so nice. Great photos, too.

  2. I can so relate to good college friends. There were four of us who didn't live together but had fabulous friendships that have endured 25 years - oh my, am I old!!! We are planning on all getting together again in two years. E-mails and facebook is great but nothing better than face to face :D SO glad you had a great time. I just love how one can pick up right where you left off with good friends like that. It seems like time has never passed, just a lot of catching up to do LOL! Get some good sleep under you belt and enjoy relishing the memories of the weekend!

  3. Oh, it looks like the lack of sleep was so worth it!! What great pictures to have of your fabulous weekend. Love the Mickey and Minnie shot :) Sleep well....I'm hoping you know you won a Verve you can't say you never won!!! LOL Was so excited for you...let me know what you buy with it :) Have a great week...hope it flies by :)

  4. Had to post here because I couldn't figure out how to PM you off SCS without finding a card you had commented on and don't have the time to go hunting to try to figure it out and there is no e-mail like here.

    Just wanted to tell you I finally had a chance to listen to the sermon you had linked on your post of April 11th. Your Pastor is AMAZING!!! I was SO refreshing to hear someone preach THE WHOLE GOSPEL, to make Christ focal, to talk about how we are not good by nature, how we sin etc. I had tears streaming down my face during the Card Board Testimonies section (we did that a few years back and I cried then too LOL). I even listened to his Easter Sunday sermon to see his take on Easter and loved it as well. Will definitely go and catch up on the next few I have missed.

    I am actually going to use the April 11th sermon as an example of what needs to be preached from our pulpit as they are not preaching the WHOLE Gospel. Sin, the cross, redemption, etc. are not being mentioned and yet they are the integral part of the Gospel. I have met with various Board Members and Pastors of our church over the past month, challenging them to do so (they didn't even have an invitation at Easter!!!)

    I can see why you love CCV. I think I am going to become an adherent member via the internet :D