Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Viva la Verve!

Good evening! Four days. Four cards. I am so enjoying spending time back in the stamping studio. I so missed this... the soft music playing (usually show tunes!), the house to myself (the roomie's still at work), and a rainbow of cardstock before me. My heart is happy.

I am hopelessly behind on this month's Viva la Verve challenges. Let's just leave it at this was the 5th week, and all five cards are due by tomorrow. All you need to do is looking over on the right side at my history this month to see just how many VLV challenges I made it through. Oh, well. I'll pick it back up in October. At least I got one done this month, right?!

I was immediately drawn toward the second of the three inspiration pictures. Those fall colors, the red well, those pillows. Be still my heart! It may be my dream living room! My living room colors are of the same theme. I love fall colors... the deep rusty colors. I pulled out more of my Autumn Abundance dp and got to work. The leaf is rock-n-rolled in Orange Zest and Cranberry Crisp (remember that color?!), and framed with some heavy tea dye staining. A simple ribbon, and chocolate chip sentiment finished it off.

OK, warning. Total bunny trail coming right now. On Monday it was beyond ridiculously hot down here in So Cal. My home thermometer recorded 114F. Boiling, right? It was also bone dry... The kind of day where you feel the need to put lotion on every five minutes, except you are sweating so much that you feel all slimy if you do! It's a lose-lose situation. Now, fast forward two days. It's Wednesday. It was only in the 90s today, but super humid. The jungle-y, clammy, tropical kind of humid. And to top it all off, we're building up to an amazing thunder storm. It is literally beginning to thunder as I type and looks quite evil outside. Isn't weather random? But I LOVE weather! LOVE! Not the super hot kind, just weather in general. I love that it is out of our control.... That we just have to roll with the punches... That it can change in the blink of an eye. Seriously, if you ever want to know the forecast, I'm your gal. It's an obsessive habit. I think it has something to do with growing up in the mountains where I had to know the weather to find out if I could even get to school, work, home, etc. I am beginning to suspect that I may have been a meteorologist in a past life.

Let's just leave it at, "If the whole teaching thing doesn't work out, I'll go back to school and study weather!" :)

How was that for a bunny trail? And so, I leave you now (before my computer dies from a lightning strike!). Thanks for stopping by!

Stamps- Verve: Harvest Blessings, Great Friend
Paper- Kraft, Terracotta Tile, Scarlett Jewel, Whisper White, Autumn Abundance dp
Ink- Orange Zest, Cranberry Crisp, Chocolate Chip
Accessories- ribbon, tea dye stains


  1. Another wonderful bit of card candy for my eyes :) I love Fall colours - they make me smile and get all warm and fuzzy inside. Great DPs and use of the insp. picture! I loved this room but was in a bold colour mood so took the black, red and white room instead.

    Had to giggle at your love for weather. I know a local weatherman and he too has always loved weather. Used to sit on the roof of their house during storms so he could get a better view. Maybe you can audit a class somewhere to learn more :)

  2. i need to know your secret for teaching all day long and coming home to stamp. i just can't pull it off :( i love your card! might have to case it...when i find the energy :)