Monday, February 14, 2011

Babies and Birthdays

I have no card to share with you today as I was playing hooky from the studio all weekend. Saturday, I made the rush hour drive down to Laguna Beach to help surprise my 90 year-old grandmother for her birthday. My grandfather organized the whole event, and miracle of miracles, she had no idea that we were all coming to celebrate with her! It was a wonderful evening full of food, family, and life-long memories.

As an added bonus, I finally got to hold me new little first cousin once removed, Nolan. Isn't he a cutie?!

I spent the night with my grandparents (which I haven't done in ages!) since we were having a little baby shower for my college roommate. My best friend Heather, as well as my roommate Amy were all coming down for the event. We met at this adorable little cafe built inside an old church. It was the perfect atmosphere for our celebration! We chowed down on some amazing food (french toast stuffed with raspberry preserves and ham! Oiy!), and enjoyed some quality roommate time.

It was a blast watching Janice open her gifts from the three of us girls. Would you believe that all three of us got her something with the words, "I love my aunt" on it? LOL. Some serious favorite aunt competition!

Oh, and I ventured into the land of creating diaper cakes. I was so pleasantly surprised to find them really simple to make! And what a great decorative punch they made on our breakfast table!

After the delightful breakfast baby shower, we bid adieu to Janice, picked up Heather's husband, and went to Disneyland for the day.

Yeah, crazy weekend. Crazy fun. And exhausting. And wonderful. I am so blessed to have the most incredible friends.

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  1. HUGE koodoes (sp?) to your grandfather for organizing such a wonderful surprise!! I'm sure your grandmother was tickles pink :) Darling baby picture! Love when they sleep anywhere, anytime! Aren't roommate reunions wonderful :) I've graduated years before your, and my three best friends are spread out a bit, but when we do get together (about every 5 years or so) it is like time has never passed. Love it! Sounds like you had an action packed, but fabulous weekend. Time to relax with a good book or do some stamping :)