Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Room and The Club

Good afternoon!

I finally was able to get back into my classroom today. I ended not going in yesterday as I had succumbed to exhaustion from the weekend.  And we were going to Club 33 in the afternoon/evening.

I packed up my car with the accumulated school "stuff" and drove down to my school, grabbed my keys from the office, unlocked my room, went to turn the AC on, and that's it.


The AC in my classroom refused to come on.  As in, the entire control panel/thermostat thinga-ma-jig was completely blank and refused to do anything! And it is 104F today!

Now, they do shut the air off during the summer at our school, so I thought maybe that was the problem.  A quick call to the front office revealed that all air had been turned on yesterday.  A quick trip to a classroom next door where another teacher was working revealed that their air was working just fine.

But my room? Nothing.  Nada.

It literally was about 100F in my room.

Not gonna work.

I finished unloading my car into my room (I did haul it down there, after all), called the office a second time to tell them that there was no way I could stay and work today, and the booked it out of there.

It was a rather disappointing afternoon.

Fortunately,  my room wasn't in the complete shambles that I was anticipating.

Here's what I saw when I walked in the door:

Not bad, eh?!

We hired our own janitor to deep clean our rooms this summer instead of an outside company. Bless his heart, he put my room back the way he remembered it! And it's pretty darn close!  I went in fully expecting to find desks and chairs all stacked in a corner, all my shelves relocated, etc.  You know, normal.  What I found was wonderful!  Most of the work I expected to do today was already done.

I just need to do some fine tuning of the desks (switch things around a little bit), put my table back in the front, and fix the listening work station table. Not too shabby!

And thank goodness. Because it was 100 degrees inside and outside of my room. Ugh.

Then, I came home and collapsed underneath the air conditioner from overheating.  I may or may not have taken nap while under the AC as well...

I won't be back into my room until next week sometime. Probably Wednesday-ish.  And school starts the following week.  This was not the head start I was hoping for before flying out to Oregon tomorrow morning.  But, there is still time.  It's not panic mode yet.

I leave you with a few pictures from our trip to Club 33 yesterday.  It was AMAZING!

Thanks for stopping by!

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