Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five for Friday (on a Saturday)

Good golly it's been a busy few weeks!  We all know just how crazy the end of the school year to be, and the mile-long to-do list that has to be conquered in record time.

Add Open House to that, and you have my week.

So, without further ado (and a day late!) my Five for Friday!


1.  Open House. Check!  We had our Open House on Wednesday and it was a success! It's always so much work to pull everything together, but when I see the proud faces of my firsties as they run around my room, dragging their parents by the hand, it's all worth it.  I had a great turnout, and a HUGE wave of kindergarten shoppers.  Those little tiny guys always make me smile (and freak out slightly at how tiny they are!).

2.  We lost the lottery and had to have our Open House on a Wednesday, which made for a very, VERY long Thursday and Friday. Needless to say, we most definitely planned a movie day for Friday. Which ended up being perfect because my teammate's sub (and my shared doorway buddy) didn't show up! I had 40 kids in my room for most of the day! Movies = instant crowd control.  And it let me get tons of work done so I could leave pretty quickly after school ended. Winning!

3.  We have 12 days of school left. 12! So close and yet so far!  In those 12 days, my to do list looks something like this:
  • report cards
  • pink and blues
  • class assignments for 2nd grade
  • cumulative files
  • benchmark testing
  • tear down classroom
  • pack up classroom for move
  • pack for England (yay!)
  • field trip
  • plan end-of-the-year party
And I'm absolutely sure that I have left something off of that list.  I may be freaking out slightly.

4. I'm moving rooms. We're increasing class size a bit and my current room is tiny and literally has no storage. I have tubs and boxes stacked in the back corner to hold all our my supplies. We barely fit with 19 kids.  The room I'm moving to is much bigger, but really far away from the office. I guess it's better than nothing.  But it's so much work to move rooms!  I am definitely looking forward to the extra space, but not the process of gaining that extra space.

5. It's a 3-day weekend!!! Enough said.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. A very cute blog! Your classroom looks incredible for Open House! OMG you worked hard. I'm impressed, everything looks adorable. We have 12 days left also and my list very similar to yours! Best of luck with the end of the year scramble!

  2. LOVE your classroom layout - sure you wowed the parents big time and have K's salivating to be in your class next year :)

    Moving rooms sucks!! Have many teacher friends and they all concur! Hope it goes smoothly for you :) yeah for more room to move around in.

    12 days!! Oh my!! We have a month to go here and it's suck on my way too quickly!! Time to start booking the summer activites (swimming lessons, VBS etc.)!

    When you stress out, just think of England - plus you can sleep on the flight over :)

    Enjoy your long w/e!! Hugs from up the coast :)

  3. Your classroom looks great!! Love the butterflies hanging from the ceiling!!

    Moving stinks! I am moving schools next's been super stressful! Good luck moving to your new classroom!

    Enjoy your last 12 days!!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

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