Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tour of California

All right. So this was actually a little under two weeks ago, but I've never shared it with anyone! So, it's your lucky day!

I am a huge stage road-bike racing fan. In the vernacular, I love the Tour de France and races of that type. I spent the entire month of July glued to my TV to watch these crazy men ride their bikes around France for 23 days. Anyways, about a week and a half ago, the Tour of California had a stage ending in Pasadena. Now, the Tour of California is the largest international, professional stage race in the nation. Teams from all over Europe, the big names, the stars, all come out to race for a little piece of glory in rainy California. Yes, rain! I don't know what it is, but it has poured rain on this ride (and me while watching) every year so far! Go figure.
I digress. Today, stage 8 started in Santa Clarita and ended in Pasadena. They rode over the Angeles Crest highway and dropped into the city. A 5-circuit trip around the Rose Bowl finished the stage off. I drove out to Pasadena to take in the ending of the race, with the hopes of actually spotting a rider who's name I could recognize race by in a blur. In other words, set your camera to the highest possible shutter speed and cross your fingers!

It was a blast! I love standing out there, armed with my cowbell, and watching them ride. And seeing these men in person is an amazing experience! I did get a little lucky with my picture snapping and just happened to capture the race leader (and eventually winner) Levi Leipheimer and his teammate Lance Armstrong. Yes, Lance has decided to come out of retirement and race again! Needless to say, the Texas flags and Lance signs were out in full force around me.
Ah, such a great sport. Enough rambling for tonight. Enjoy the pics!

Levi Leipheimer

Lance Armstrong


  1. I wish I could have gone . . . stupid work :O(

  2. That is really neat! We don't have anything like that in Coal City, IL. Okay maybe the olympics, but I am not holding my breath LOL!

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.