Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Columbus Day

Did you celebrate Columbus Day in your classroom yesterday?  I am not ashamed to admit that I hadn't scheduled my Columbus Day activities until Friday. You know, the 12th. The day Columbus made landfall in the Bahamas.  That would be logical. But, noooo.  We had to go and celebrated it on the 8th. Really? I don't get it.  Friday still would have worked for those lucky people out there that actually get the day off from work to make a 3-day weekend..

But, alas, it was yesterday. Monday. Messing up all of my grandiose science plans for the week.  Oh, well.  Thankfully everything was prepped and ready to go, so I just rearranged my life scootched a few things around so that we could spend our last hour today learning about Columbus. Tuesday, it's back to science. And bears!!!  I love learning about bears. :)

Here's what we did. It was nothing earthy-shatteringly amazing, and we are only spending that one hour on it.


First, we read this little Scholastic reader. It's quick, simple, to the point, and perfectly age appropriate. One of my teammates has always loaned me hers in the past, but I figured it was about time I acquired my own copy so that I don't have to worry about needing the book at the same time she needs the book.  I got it used on amazon for about $3. Not too shabby.

Then, we watched a quick little video about Columbus on brainpopjr.com.  Do you know about brainpopjr? Man I wish I had an actual subscription!  Someday.... But in the meantime, I make due with the free videos of the week. And they always have this one up an running for Columbus Day.  It's great. Go watch it for proof.  It talks about the good and bad regarding Columbus/explorers in a really kid friendly way. And it's available all week!

Finally, we made this little sailboat craft that I have had since I first started teaching. I think I got it out of an old Mailbox magazine. You know the ones that have reproducibles for each month? Pretty sure it came out of that. But I love it for being simple, fun, and something my kids can take home that day (after Johnny Appleseed, there is no room left on our walls for anything more).

Pink and purple.  I'm sure Columbus would have loved it. :)

Oh, and for those super speedy efficient workers, I had Jodi from Fun in First's Columbus Day Mini Book. My kids worked in small groups (as they finished their mini ship) completing the pages together.

Look how hard they're working!  
Columbus Day? Check.

Moving on to our bear study.  Have I mentioned that I love teaching about bears?  Hooray for animal adaptations!

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  1. Loving that pink and purple ship - very stylish :) Such a fun activity for the day. Make sure to show us what you do with bears! Enjoy your short week :)