Thursday, October 4, 2012

Johnny Appleseed

Phew! We are in the thick of learning, writing, reading, graphing, and crafting about Johnny Appleseed. We're a week late, I know.  My first grade team usually celebrates Johnny Appleseed Day on a Friday, usually the Friday of his birthday. But, we had a lovely awards ceremony that day. And we didn't want to have to skimp on all of the apple-eating fun, so we bumped it back a week.

I had a blast crafting and writing away with A Cupcake For the Teacher's Johnny Appleseed unit.  Those little "Johnnys" are too cute!  We also became scientists with Hadar's Apple Graphs and Glyphs.  My kids were obsessed with the sink or float activities!  We didn't make it to the glyph because we were having too much fun with other things. 

I am so obsessed in love with TPT!  I am not a hugely creative person when it comes to inventing crafts, etc. But I am an amazing rule follower. You show me something and I can do it!  Thus why I also love teaching.  I love the collaboration  That great ideas aren't kept a secret.  That we're all working toward a common goal and will do about anything to help ourselves and our students reach that goal.

Well, we also made a little apple anchor chart and then turned it into a tree map.  This was inspired by somebody out there in the blog world, but I accidentally deleted your link in my favorites! Eek! If if was you, THANK YOU and make sure to let me know. :)

We brainstormed describing words (I mentioned the word "adjectives," but we're going to save that conversation for a little later in the year. For now, describing words works.) and then I had my students work in pairs to sort the words onto their tree maps.  They had no problems and had a blast!  Hooray for categorizing and classifying!

Here is a little tree map freebie to stash away until next year.

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  1. I want to come to your class :) Love the impact teachers have on their children and no doubt your kids are truly blessed to have you as theirs ((hugs)).