Sunday, July 25, 2010

9,000 Feet of Wedding Bliss

Hi everyone! I'm dropping in briefly to share just a few pictures from my sister's wedding yesterday and give you a little idea of what I've been up to in my absence.

My sister married the love of her life yesterday evening in what was quite possibly one of the most unique and beautiful weddings I will ever attend. It was held at the top of June Mountain (around 9,000 feet elevation), and quite likely had the most stunning, awe-inspiring wedding backdrops EVER. The weather was a little uncooperative at times (love those unforecasted summer monsoons!), delaying pictures due to rain, riding the chair lift due to thunder and lightning.... But the sun decided to peek out from the clouds at the exact moment Sharon and Luke were pronounced husband and wife. I think God was smiling. :)

We danced the night away at the reception, and generally had an incredibly wonderful time celebrating their marriage. I officially have a brother! And my little sister is officially a Mrs. (which is still a little strange, lol).

I'm hanging around home for a few more days to wrap up the laundry (I think we had around 30 people staying at our house for the last week... LOTS of towels to wash!), and generally wrap things up. Plus, I'm enjoying the awesome summer monsoonal weather. Thunder in the mountains is the best... It just echoes off of the surrounding mountains.

On to a few pictures... Enjoy!

Our bridal procession involved riding up the chairlift (the wedding was at the top of June Mountain, which is a ski resort). We rode in pairs (bridesmaid, groomsman) up the chairlift and then proceeded down the aisle. Of course, Sharon was the grand finale. I love her face in this picture. It's hard to see, but there is a look of pure glee on her face.

Ok, I love this picture, too. They were praying together after taking communion.

The newlyweds!

The June Mountain staff actually took this picture and posted it on their website today. Check out that wedding backdrop. I love the Sierra Nevada Mountains. :)

Neither bride nor groom like cake. So the logical remedy was wedding donuts! My cousin did make them a small cake to cut and save for their first anniversary. Any tips on how to freeze it successfully? I think that's falling on my shoulders while I'm home.
A final sisters picture.

I'll see you back here in a few days with some new cards to share. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how things went. What a fabulous place for a wedding! Not many will have such a unique backdrop to the pictures! Love it!! The "cake" is too fun!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  2. these pics are just too stunning!!! I love all of them...your sister on the chair lift, them praying together and the ones of you and her :) You rocked those shoes!! Hope you were able to dance the night away in them :)