Friday, July 30, 2010

Viva la Verve!

Good morning! I worked with a frenzied speed to finish up the Viva la Verve challenges yesterday before last night's deadline. I cannot resist the opportunity to win some Verve-y goodness! This is the third Viva la Verve challenge for the month of July, and we're continuing our walk through some gorgeous bathrooms.

Amber sent us on to an amazing bathroom apparel site called I cruised through some of their decor until I stumbled across one called "Milk Bath." Those stripes and polka dots called my name! Aren't they fabulous? They make me want to redecorate my own bathroom! Anyways, the polka dots, especially, made me think (yet again!) about my October Afternoon dp. Some yellow paper to mimic the goldy/cream color in the decor balanced out the polka dots.

Well, it's off to grocery store for me! I'm out of food to cook with here at this house. I try to use things up before going on longer vacations/trips out of town. But the tricky part with this grocery run, is that I'm leaving again next Thursday for another reception for my sister and her husband (weird saying that!) in Washington. And as if I haven't been gone or had enough to do this summer, I received a jury summons in the mail yesterday for the third week in August. I'm just glad it doesn't conflict with the reception or my required dates to be back at work. And hey, if I'm lucky (sooo knocking on wood right now!), the trial will be canceled! Ah, life. I'm going to need a summer break from my summer break! lol

Thanks for stopping by today!
Stamps- Verve: Circular Sayings
Paper- Lemon Tart, Basic Black, October Afternoon Thrift Shop dp
Ink- Basic Black
Accessories- ribbon, slot punch


  1. hola!!! Love the black polka dots...those are my favourite from that pad...and on yellow!!! Wow!! Ugh, I had jury duty about 8 years ago during work (was reimbursed through work, though :) It lasted 4 days and was interesting to see the whole process...the only thing was that the guy we found guilty was already considered a serious offender and this was a second trial...made me angry that all that court money is wasted. Have fun at the next reception!!! You are a social butterfly!!

  2. You can never go wrong with polka dots LOL! Love the matting and simple sentiment. Great take on the sketch :D If they do a jury selection, must be super opinionated on things they ask you about and they will most likely pass you by. If not, at least it doesn't conflict with your busy social life!

    Hear you re: the restock shop. We do the same when we leave. Make sure there is something in the freeze to eat when we get home an then out to get groceries the next day.

    Glad you got all your Verve challenges done - good luck!

  3. Love it. One of my favorite color combos.

  4. Cute card! I love those polka dots and the simple design. I just got called for jury duty too! I don't have to go until mid-October, but I am not looking forward to finding childcare for my little guy. I hope yours doesn't last too long!