Friday, July 16, 2010

Table Numbers

Good afternoon! It is absolutely roasting here in So Cal right now. We've hit 100F for the last three days and its only supposed to be worse today. Boo! Our poor air conditioner is running its little heart out.

I have a quick drive by posting for you today. My sister contacted me on Tuesday asking if I could make the table number and reserved signs for her reception next Saturday. I'm leaving today for the bachelorette weekend and then the wedding (no stopping back here at home first!), so of course I said yes.... Only to discover that she wanted almost 60 of these things. Ack! A quick stop in the supply cabinet to make sure I even HAD the supplies to make 60 number cards, and off to work I went. Thank goodness I was able to drag my roommate into the manual labor bit. :) Thanks, roomie!

Sharon will have these hanging from old blank wine bottles on the tables. I didn't have a wine bottle sitting around, but I had this little beer bottle, lol. My parents bought be a "Holy Grail Ale" when they saw Spamalot in Las Vegas a few years ago. It's lightly tempered over burning witches, in case you wondered. hehe
I will be gone from the blog again for about a week to a week and one half. I might be able to drop in with some pictures, but since I'll be away from the studio the whole time, nothing new is getting made. So sad. :( But I'll see you all on the other side of the wedding (and some COOL mountain air!).

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. so cute, Kristina...have a safe trip...60 of them? How many are coming to the wedding? EEK!!!! Have tons of fun and work those dress and shoes!!!

  2. You are going to be busy making 60 of these! Sure they will be appreciated :D Have a FABULOUS wedding week! Can't wait to see the pictures :D