Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Autumn Getaway

The reason for the slightly longer silence on the blog was a quick trip up the mountains. :)

I had a random 3-day weekend thanks to a furlough day at work, decided to call my parents to check on the fall-color status back a home, discovered that it was peak colors, and hit the road! A good friend decided to travel with me (another camera geek.... who taught me a lot this last weekend) and snap some pictures.

We arrived home on Saturday afternoon to some rather dreary, impending doom looking skies. Rain was in the forecast for Sunday and Monday, but apparently the storm decided to move in early. Great. We pretty much ate lunch and then rushed out, trying to grab any fading light before the clouds covered it all. That ended up being the pattern for the weekend. Once it started raining, it really didn't stop. Just brief interludes where Rey and I would grab our raincoats and the camera, rushing out the door to see if we could grab some shots before the rain, inevitably, began to fall once more.

The colors were gorgeous. All golden, orange, and even a few reds mixed in. The lighting wasn't ideal, but I could have cared less. It was fall. Fall! Fall really isn't fall in So Cal. Our leaves down here don't even change and fall off until January. Lame. But going home, up to the mountains (7600ft elevation!) changed all of that. It was cool, rainy, and beautifully painted. In other words, it was perfect. God does good work. :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures snapped by either myself of Rey. Enjoy!

Looking at Carson Peak on the left. I love how the leaves mimic the jaggedness of the peaks.

Staring upstream. The leaves were the richest along the water.

I couldn't resist a few macro shots. :)

Something about the trunks of all these aspen trees makes me happy.

And lastly, one shot by Rey. I love the moodiness (aka impending rain downpour) he captured in this image! We literally ran back to the car after this one!

That's all for the moment! I'm looking forward to the weekend and some stamping time! Thanks for stopping by and indulging in some autumn!


  1. Oh, gorgeous!!! Wow, love the macro shots!!! Now, you HAVE to order the PTI leaf dies and stamp set so you can recreate these fabulous pictures onto cards :) What is a furlough day? I like the sounds of it if it makes a weekend long!! LOL Glad you had a great time :)

  2. Wowzers! Gorgeous pictures!! I LOVE the fall colours!! The yellows you captured are gorgeous. Love the birch trees shot and the up close leaf pics, well actually all of them! Thanks for sharing some of God's creation with us :) Glad you were able to get away and I look forward to seeing some creations :)