Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little of This and That

Good morning!  I'm still blissfully on vacation up in the mountains, away from the 104F heatwave that has struck back home.  Even better, this afternoon/evening we are expecting monsoons! I LOVE monsoons! Monsoon season is my favorite "unofficial" season.  Something about the thunder echoing through the canyon, lightning bolting across the sky, rain pummeling down as if we were in Florida...  It's a wonderful thing. :)

Let's see. I've now been on my mini vacation for 9 days.  What have I accomplished?  HA! Not much!  Other than reading three books and a smattering of other little things.  I started a bit of back to school shopping (the online stuff) since I'm gone a big chunk of July and August. 

I've purchased a class set of clipboards! So excited to have these! I have always wanted a class set, but have never bitten the bullet and done it. Not I want to cutsie them up with some scrapbook paper and modge podge. I'll have to take pictures when I am done so you can see the finished product.

Oh, and I may have purchased one of these... I couldn't help it! I am one of those people who fortunately and unfortunately do not have access to my classroom and/or the school during the summer. It is closed.  They even take our keys!  I really want to get a head start on laminating some new centers, activities, etc before school starts (while I actually have time!) and I don't want to constantly be running to Lakeshore for laminating needs, so I bit the bullet and got a little laminater. And I am so excited!!! Who knew a laminater could make me so happy?!

While home in the mountains, I've been going on long motorcycle rides with my dad, shooting some pistols and rifles, trying to save our Mountain, and am gearing up for the Jazz Jubilee which kicks off this evening.  I'm helping our local Women's Club with their bake sale during the concert, which is always fun. I plan on spending the next couple of days at  the Jazz Jubilee soaking up some live music, dancing, and visiting with great friends.

My dad and I went out to the gun range a few days back to shoot up some cans and targets. So fun!  I definitely had the best shot of the day, annihilating a root beer can. The day before we went on a 100 mile motorcycle ride through the mountains. Heaven. :)

This was my Grandfather's pistol. The can was killed using a different pistol (9mm), but I forgot to get a picture! 

Our poor little mountain community has been traumatized over the last few weeks by the CEO deciding to shut it down for the summer AND next winter! Our town is in utter shock.  We had a huge town hall meeting on Tuesday evening (with around 300 in attendance!  There are only about 500 people IN this town!) that lasted for 3 1/2 hours discussing the closure, it's financial ramifications to the town and the county, and pretty much begged for the CEO to keep it open.  This could potentially be devastating to so many families and the economy up here. So sad! I grew up skiing on this mountain.

Meanwhile, our silent, quiet, sleepy little town has been humming with the sounds of helicopters, big trucks, security officers, and paparazzi due to a movie being filmed right by our house.  A little movie featuring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.  I am thrilled they are filming here in JL, but I really could do without the film helicopter flying low over our houses at 6:30 in the morning. Mom and I took a walk down to the set the other day before filming commenced.  Here's what it looked like.

Oh, and on a random note, this was my view out the window when I was reading the other day.  I was not alone....

Monday it's back to reality. And the heat.  And air conditioners.  And my stamping room.  And back to school sales! (Though I usually try to avoid those until at least August. But I'm just so excited this year!  The temptation to shop is strong!)

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  1. Sounds like you've been having the perfect vacation so far :) Enjoy!!