Monday, January 4, 2010

The Greenbay Packers

I have a little secret that really isn't so secret. I love the Greenbay Packers and I love football! My dad was born in Wisconsin, and being a football fan himself, loyally instilled the obsessive love of the Packers in both my sister and myself. We own the sweatshirts, the shirts, the scarves, and even the cheesehead hats... Yup, we're "fans."

Now, when you cheer for a team whose stadium is halfway across the country from your place of residency, relatively close games become a necessity to attend. The Packers only make it out here to California every few years (they don't play in our division), and that makes live viewing a little tough. I did catch them a few years back in San Francisco while Favre was still quarterback.

Therefore, yesterday I flew out from So Cal over to Arizona for the Packers vs. Cardinals game. My parents and a family friend from home met me there. We arrived at the stadium about two hours before the game began in order to fully indulge ourselves in some fine stadium delicacies- a hot dog, coke, pretzel, and some cracker jacks for good measure. It was fun to sit there and watch the teams warm up. For a good hour there were more Packers fans than Cardinals fans in attendance, hehe.
The game was so fun! Especially because the Packers won 33-7. It was actually a bit of a pointless game, being the last game of regular season play. Both teams had already clinched Wildcard Playoff spots, and will ironically be meeting again next Sunday (the 10th) for their game. Aaron Rogers (GB's Quarterback) played 3 out of four quarters, and Kurt Warner (AZ's Quarterback) only played the first quarter. Arizona mostly played their second string, with Greenbay only bringing in theirs for the 4th quarter. It was a great chance for all those less-used boys to get out there and show what they got. :) But it's looking good for the rematch on Sunday!! The Packers were up 16-0 by the end of the first quarter, and that was with both first strings playing. Woohoo! So many of the Cardinals' fans left early (mostly out of disgust, hehe) that by the middle of the fourth quarter there were mostly Packer fans in the stadium! Chants of "Go, Pack, Go" were becoming louder and rowdier! Love it!

So, now you know why there have been no cards this weekend. :) Between my cousin's wedding on Saturday (which was so lovely and simple), and the Packer's game on Sunday, it was definitely a full weekend. And today it was back to the work grind. (Yes, I flew out yesterday morning and flew back that same night. Crazy, but so worth it!) Though, I do have to admit that it was fun to see all of my kiddos again. It's nice to have routine back into my daily life.

Hopefully I'll get some stamping in tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. You are too cute :D We watched the game on TV for a while ourselves. DH is a Dallas fan for NFL ball and a USC fan for College ball. Plus he is a Toronto Maple Leaf fan for hockey and we live on the West Coast. Loyalties know no bounds LOL! Glad you were able to make it out. How fun to have a family who all cheer for the same team. Great excuse to get together too :D What a wonderful memory to enjoy together.

  2. Wow Ms. B... That was a surprise to me when I read your post just now. I would have never known you like football. Talk about stretching your time off for the holidays to the last minute... What a fun time! Can't wait until you get back into card making mode...