Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mercy's Tuesday Sketch #56

Sheesh! That was some storm we had yesterday! For a solid three hours in the early afternoon we were averaging over one inch of rain each hour. Total out of this storm? Probably around 5-6 inches. I think we're well on our way to the 20 inches expected by Friday afternoon. The wind was screaming.... It was more sideways rain than anything else. The power even went out for two hours. Our poor dinner was in a crock pot! I had to throw it into the fridge to save the meat and hope the power came back on eventually. Crazy! And to think that was the smallest of the three storms hitting this week.

Have I mentioned that I love weather?! I do! I love that I cannot control it.... That it is just something you have to take as it comes. I love watching it degrade outside, the trees whipping around, the rain so loud on the roof that you can't hear the person sitting next to you... It just puts this giddy smile on my face. I was giggling to my roommate that we need to get a rain gauge to keep track of all this moisture. How fun would that be?! She looked at me like I was a lunatic, lol. Apparently, that thought never crossed her mind. :)

Well, I sat by candlelight (those clouds were dark!) and finished up my card for Mercy's Tuesday sketch from last week. I've been in the mood to pull out some of my Razzleberry Fizz dp again, and this seemed like a good enough card as any to employ it. I played around with bows again, this time trying a horizontal one. I've been using Dawn McVey's tutorial video she posted a few weeks back on these last two cards.... And, I think I still need to more practice. It may be time to hit up a few other blog tutorials and u-tube videos. :) I can do bows with two pieces of ribbon, but just one still seems to be a work in progress. But I love learning new things to make my cards look even better.

I'm back at work today, and back in the rain. We're experiencing storm number two out of three. Hopefully the power will manage to stay on this time. :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Stamps- PTI: Tea for Two
Paper- Rich Razzleberry, So Saffron, Whisper White, Razzleberry Fizz dp
Ink- Rich Razzleberry
Accessories- ribbon, jewels, MS flower punch


  1. Oh, I had to laugh when I read the name of the dp...I first read it as Raspberry Fizz dp...then I see the card and go, hey! It's not pink!! LOL It's "Razzleberry!!" It's too early this morning!! I also love how you want to set up a weather station. I like to follow the weather too...but it's because I always want to know when it's going to warm up and be sunny!! Your bow is lovely...yes, it takes a lot of practise and manipulating. Dawn's tutorial is good...it's how I tie my bows too :) It's funny, though, I think I'm tying them the same way each time but they don't always come out the same!! LOL Have a good day :)

  2. I think you missed your call in life, Kristina. You should have been a meteorologist LOL. I know one from our local TV channel and he used to sit on the roof of the house to watch the storms :D Lovely use of Mercy's sketch and I'm glad you found Dawn's tutorial. Practice makes perfect in this venture, that's for sure! Can't tell you how many times I've redone a bow! Have a great short week :D

  3. Just for the record, I have totally considered putting in a rain gauge on my patio. My dad has one in his backyard. I think Amy is the lunatic for not thinking of it!