Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Verve Release Challenge Card- B

Prepare yourself. Today's card is just a little... well, sweet. I don't know how it ended up that way. I had the papers out, was crafting away, and when I finished... This was the end result:

See what I mean? Doesn't it just have a "awfully cute grandma" feel to it? hehe. Maybe it's the pearls. It's always the beautiful little old ladies and pearls. :) This might be a card I actually send to my grandma. It just makes me think of her (and we've been talking a lot these past few day. She called to check in on me... Isn't she amazing?!... and we chatted for a while. Then in the midst of our conversation I gathered that she needed a few things done around the house, including the purchase of a new phone for her bedroom (Apparently, the old one stopped ringing.), and a ride to AAA to get a new sticker for her license plate. A quick trip to Walmart and a scheduled date for AAA and we're good to go!). Seriously, my grandma is the most amazing woman. Heading towards 92 and still as bright and cheery as ever.

...Or perhaps it's the dp. Doesn't that flowery paper make you think of an old antique wallpaper?

How was that for a tangent? Back on topic. The card. I used the second Verve Release Challenge sketch to help this one along. I played with a new die from PTI that has been calling my name for the last week or so, added some contrasting ribbon, and lastly a few pearls. I just love this verse. It's just one of those verses you (and I) can cling to in all times, good or bad.

And today I am especially thankful because my jury duty was cancelled! Yahoo! I was really stressing over how to set up my classroom in the midst of jury duty. But it turns out I'm on hold with my classroom anyways. The room I'm moving to is not ready yet (it needs some serious alterations... They're dividing one huge room into two classrooms. This involves putting up a dividing wall, tearing down a bathroom, and adding sinks.). I can't move until there is a classroom to move to. Crazy, eh? And as of today, there was no timetable for this to occur. Never mind that the kiddos are coming in less than two weeks. Never mind that I still have to pack, move, unpack, and prepare in that time period. It's going to be a crazy time when all this does get started. Any bored volunteers out there that I can draft into slavery? I'm sure it's just a short drive from wherever you are to So Cal, lol. ;)

Phew! I'm chatty tonight! Must be the heat. It was a cooker here today. Our poor little AC is working its heart out. I'm just going to stop typing now and let you enjoy the grandma card. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Stamps- Verve: 1 Chronicles 16:34 PJ
Paper- Kraft, Very Vanilla, October Afternoon dp, Bitty Dots dp
Ink- Close to Cocoa
Accessories- ribbon, Mat Stack #1 die (PTI), pearls, tea dye stains, dimensionals


  1. Post room and board for me and my kids and a trip to Disneyland and I'd be happy to come down and help you set up your classroom LOL!

    I had to giggle at your grandma card statement. Didn't think of it that way when I first saw it but not that you mention it....I think your grandmother would love it. Speaking of your grandma, wow....92 and going strong - I love it!!! What a joy to have such a wonderful relationship with her and have her close by to visit. So much wisdom and love there and I'm sure she talks about your visits to all her friends after you leave. Give her a hug for me :D

    Our heat wave is finally on it's way out!! Phew! Five days of 30C (92F) with humidity and NO air conditioning is a bit taxing to say the least. Needless to say, I have welcomed the "eau de chlorine" smell the past few days and the old body is still in decent shape after the last set of lessons two weeks ago so the attack on the flab will continue :) Darn aging and gravity play dirty and double team you at my age!!

    As for a not so relaxing summer, you got it!! Being an introvert by nature, not getting much alone time just about kills me every summer. Straw on the camel is having to work for hubby. Just makes life too darn busy. However, love having my kids all to myself for the summer (no daycare kids). Mind you that Staples commercial is one I can relate to by the end of summer LOL!

    Now look who's chatty! Have a fabulous day tomorrow and hope to see you at the release party :D

  2. Love the old feeling of that paper and then the modern dots...great contrast!! Does your grandma still drive? WOW!!!! that's how I want to be when I'm 92, still spunky :)

    Gotta love maintenance for planning things right before school starts...our maintenance likes to paint while the kids are in class (especially the doors right before the 2:30 bell) and remove carpet during the school year...duh!!!!! Let's hope you don't have to wait too much longer...don't they know you can't just whip everything together in a day? Fly me down!!! I'll come help and then you can come up here and help me!!