Monday, August 23, 2010

Viva la Verve!

Good morning! It's going to be a good day, I can just feel it! I'm off to my classroom (Don't get too excited... Off to the old classroom.) to do the last little bit of packing, and start running lots and lots of copies to get ready for the start of school... Which is one week from today. Oh where, oh where did summer go? I don't feel like I had a summer. It was too busy. Too full. Too tiring. Too fun. Can I have a summer from my summer? lol

But, alas, it's back to reality, and coming more quickly that I would like to think. The estimate as of this weekend for moving into my new room is still Wednesday-ish. I'm praying, however, that they finish up today and I can start moving tomorrow. Maybe those construction guys will work extra hard (and fast!!) for little 'ole me if I bat my eyes, bake them cookies, and bring them some lemonade. It's worth a try, no?!

After some work, I'm heading out to join the Book Club gals at the movies. We're off to see Eat, Pray, Love this evening. We read the book a year or two ago, and I have to admit that none of us liked it! lol. (Well, we all liked Italy. Who wouldn't?!) However, we have a strict pact to always see the movies of books we have read. I think our next one will be Water for Elephants next year (that was a great book by the way. Perhaps THE most perfect ending to a story. Ever.).

All right. Enough chit chat. On to the card! This is the fourth and final week of the Viva la Verve challenges over on Verve's Splitcoast forum. We walked through master bedrooms this month, and I was doing just fine with all of that incredible inspiration until this week. Pottery Barn may be my chryptonite, lol. I needed to cruise through their website to see what kinds of goodness they had in the store for inspiration when I stumbled across this little beauty of a set. Be still my heart! It's love, I tell you. Love. So, I saved the image to my desktop and added that little beauty to my shopping cart! I haven't actually clicked purchase yet. I thought I had maybe better sleep on it so that it isn't such an impulse buy. But I love it! Even my roommate took one look at it and said, "Oh yeah. That's totally looks like you." See? Is it meant to be?! And it's on SALE! Ah! Seriously, Amber. What are you doing to me?!

I tried to keep some white on this card since the background of the duvet is white. To make the buttons pop just a little bit, I used some nesties in the various colors behind the buttons. I was going to use some Dark Chocolate ribbon, but horror of horrors, I didn't have enough to make a bow! It ran out! Ah! Must order more immediately! So, I dug into my random ribbon stash (haven't done that for a while!), and found some amazing brown polka dotted ribbon. So fun! And last, but not least, the top corner was feeling a little lonely, so I added a few red jewels for some sparkle. If only I had a sewing machine. Can you image how perfect this card would be with a little stitching around the perimeter of the red Tea Leaves dp? Oh well. Someday. And one last thing, that you've likely already noticed, is that I converted the card into a square card. For some reason this sketch screamed square at me, and hey, I've gotta follow the inspiration.

That's enough out of me for today. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Stamps- Verve: Beautiful Kindess
Paper- Whisper White, Lemon Tart, Pure Poppy, Spring Moss, Spring Rain, Tea Leaves dp, Bitty Box dp
Ink- Chocolate Chip
Accessories- ribbon, buttons, twine, nestabilities, jewels, dimensionals, apron lace punch


  1. What a great card! Love the blue on the red with the yellow. I, too, visited the Pottery Barn to look at the bedding... now, I NEED a new duvet cover. ;)

  2. oh, great inspiration pic :) Those colours look so fabulous on your card :) Like the bold sentment too :) Ah, back to the classroom for me too...just checking my blog list quickly...enjoy the movie :) I did enjoy most of the book, but just because some parts hit home...not necessarily with me, but with people around me. I didn't "get" her experiences in India, but I could relate to wanting a relationship with her "God." Also, wanting control and learning how to let go and silence the "ego" that we have saying we are not good enough...when I read the book, I knew Julia Roberts was starring in the movie, so I had her in mind throughout the book (which I don't usually like while I read, but I saw the Oprah interview last Spring by accident!! lOL)...have a fun girls' night out and here's hoping you move tomorrow...cookies sounds like a great bribe!!! :)

  3. LOL, you are too cute, Kristina! I say bring on the cookies, and whatever else will get them to move along! It is amazing what they will do when appreciated for their work - bribe away, GF LOL!

    Had a good giggle over the bedspread comment too. Hmmmm...maybe you can charge the bedspread back to Amber or Verve for putting such temptation in your path - ha :)

    Great take on card. I am four behind yet again this month...oh sigh....will be a busy week so not sure if I can get them all done, but that Verve lure is too darn strong LOL! Good news is I made some decent money at the LSS Garage sale yesterday so if I don't win this or Maureen's blog candy (mind you I would feel horrible winning twice in a row!) then I can spend some of my own on Verve goodies and maybe some PTI goodies too. Oh, and there are some great new Nesties too...the list is endless LOL!

    Have a great week :)